It’s not always easy to sell yourself, which is why so many dating profiles fall short. But writing an interesting profile is a skill that can be learned — and that’s what we’re about to do right now.

In this article, we’ll go over ten steps to writing a profile that’ll show off your personality and elicit a response from the reader… which will hopefully lead to your first date!

1. Use the Right Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is that truer than in the world of online dating. So choose the right photos wisely before you even write a single word for your profile.

That said, your photos should match the text in your profile. It doesn’t make sense to write that you’re fun-loving and easy-going if the first image they see of you is dead-pan at a cemetery.

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2. Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

The second thing people see after your picture is your headline. That’s why you should take extra care to write something attention-grabbing that makes the reader want to know more. 

Think of your dating profile as a news article: the image and the headline should compel others to read the actual contents. The sole purpose of your headline is to make people read your profile.

Tip: Check out these examples of online dating headlines to find inspiration for your own. 

3. Outline Your Personal Interests

Did you pick the right photo and come up with a compelling headline? Good. Now we’ll get to the meat and potatoes of your online profile: your personal interests. 

You know what you like to do, so write about it in a way that shows off your passion. That way, it’ll shine through and make you a potential match for others with the same interests. 

Tip: If you don’t have a hobby, then why not start with one of the most attractive hobbies?

4. Describe the Relationship You Want

People have different reasons to be on an online dating site. Some are looking for casual hookups while others are in the game to find a long-term partner.

Make your intentions clear so any potential matches aren’t surprised later down the line. If you want kids and it’s an absolute must, then make sure to include that in your profile.

Tip: Compare all the different dating apps and find one that caters to your dating intentions.

5. Show, Don’t Tell

It’s easy for anyone to claim they’re smart, funny, and adventurous. But where’s the evidence? That’s why it’s always better to show people what you’re about instead of telling them.

If you’re adventurous, then describe your latest rock-climbing adventure in the Nepalese mountains. And if you’re funny, then you should include a few jokes in your profile. 

Tip: Check these dating profile examples and use the dating profile template as a starting point. 

6. Honesty Is the Best Policy

Cliches are true for a reason, and nowhere is honesty more important than online. You’re dealing with strangers on the Internet, so it’s crucial to build relationships based on trust.

Lies, particularly about your personal characteristics, will either shine through in your writing or be found out during the first date. So resist the temptation to pretend to be someone you’re not. 

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7. Don’t Be Negative

Life sucks sometimes. Maybe your boss is annoying or your ex left you for someone else. But guess what? Your potential matches online don’t want to read a laundry list of complaints. 

It’s important that you remain positive on your profile. If you absolutely have to include a negative life event, then put a positive spin on it by explaining how you overcame that obstacle.

Tip: Here’s an in-depth guide on how to stay positive on your dating profile.

8. Give Your Profile A Structure

Once you’ve written all the information down on a page, it’s time to give your profile some structure. Notice how we’ve divided these tips into neat sections that flow chronologically.

That’s the same approach you should take. Arrange your interests, experiences, and intentions in a way that makes sense, is easy to read, and tells a story about you.

Tip: Look at these dating profile examples to see how successful daters have done it.

9. Add A Conversation Starter

We’re almost at the finish line. Now that you’ve structured your profile, you should add a call-to-action (CTA) that’ll prompt potential matches to get in touch. 

It should be a conversation starter that relates to something you’ve included in your profile. If you did go rock-climbing in Nepal, then ask the reader “where was your last adventure?”

Tip: Here are some more insights on online dating conversation starters.

10. Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Ready to publish your dating profile? Hold your horses, not so fast. There’s one last quality check we have to do before we launch: spelling and grammar.

A study found that typos in your profile can make you seem less attractive, so make sure you don’t get caught out. It would be a shame to miss out on your soulmate because of fat fingers.

Tip: Use a tool like Grammarly to check your profile text for grammatical and spelling errors.

Ready to Write Your Dating Profile?

Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few tips on how to write a thought-provoking and funny dating profile that’ll get you some quality matches. 

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve covered in this guide:

  • Make sure you choose the best possible photos and headline.
  • Describe your personality with examples rather than statements. 
  • Structure your interests and experiences in a way that makes sense.
  • Be honest at all times but avoid negativity at all costs. 
  • End with a conversation starter that’ll prompt readers to message you.

Stick to these guidelines and you’ll quickly maximize your chances for success in the online dating world.

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