Whether you’re new to the world of online dating, or you’re shopping around for a new dating app, you may come across Hinge. Hinge is a dating app that, according to its creators, is designed to be deleted. This online dating app is suitable for anyone looking for a relationship that may not have the time or confidence to meet the old fashioned way. 

Could the love of your life be a ‘like’ away? Find out by making your Hinge online dating account today. 

Signing Up and Creating a Profile

Signing up to the dating site and app Hinge is as easy as downloading the app. Head to the app store or play store on your iOS or Android device, download the app, and let the fun begin! 

You can create your account by connecting your Facebook account, or by using your phone number. If you log in using your social media account, you must have at least 60 friends. Hinge will then match you with mutual friends and other local singles that match your preferred criteria. 

The next step is quick and easy. You select your neighborhood, followed by your religious beliefs, ethnicity, and height. Some sections allow you to give “prefer not to say” as an answer if you are more comfortable with that. All information you provide is laid out in three sections called Virtues, Vitals, and Vices

As part of this initial signing up and creating a profile part, you must also answer a minimum of three prompts in fewer than 150 characters. These can be things like “the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done” and “my most embarrassing song on Spotify.” Have a little fun with these! It’s now time to upload your preferred photos and find your match! 

Getting Started

The profile process of Hinge is quite long compared to others. That’s because this dating app is designed for people who are interested in long-term relationships, rather than random hookups. Once your profile is complete, you can then move on to looking at profiles, getting a match, and messaging potential love interests. 

Getting a Match

Getting a match isn’t as easy as just loading the app and sending a message to someone you like. There’s a process, and this process is in place so that you stand a better chance of finding ‘the one.’ 

You can send ‘likes’ to people based on specific components of their profile, but you need to choose a particular part. You can also only send messages to people who are a mutual match. This means they need to have liked something on your profile as well. 

As a free Hinge member, you can send ten likes per day. As a preferred member, that number is unlimited. Hinge 

Sending Likes

When you send a ‘like,’ you can also add a comment with it. For example, you might see that the person you are interested in likes going hiking. You can put a ‘like’ on that part and say something like, I enjoy hiking, too! Thus, if a match is made, you immediately have a talking point. 

Sending Messages

Once you have sent ‘likes,’ then you may be lucky enough to reach the messaging stage. The messaging function becomes available when both you and your potential love interest have liked something on each other’s profiles. There is no daily limit on how many messages you can send per day.

Platforms That Work Well with Hinge

Hinge is a dating app, which means it works on mobile devices, rather than desktop computers. We live in an age where we can literally date from our pockets. How cool is that? 

You can use Hinge on your iOS or Android device. As long as you approve app updates and have the latest operating system on your mobile device, you should find that your online dating experience goes smoothly from a technology standpoint. 

Hinge Dating Site Features

Hinge is a dating app that’s quite far removed from the likes of Tinder. There’s not a ‘swipe’ function in sight! Hinge relies on a more traditional, cleaner method of ‘likes’ which removes the risk of accidentally forgetting your left from right and ending up with an accidental match. 

Alongside the ‘likes’ feature, Hinge also has a few other standout features that might make online dating something worth your consideration. 

We Met

The ‘we met’ feature of Hinge is quite new, but important. After you have met with a match in person, you can provide feedback to Hinge on how it went. This feature is located under the three dots icon in your matches’ conversation window. By doing so, you are offering Hinge relevant information that can help them show you different matches in the future. 

Who Liked Me

The ‘who liked me’ feature is an integral part of being a preferred member. When you pay for a Hinge membership, you can view the profiles of everyone who has liked you. However, if you have a free membership, those faces are blurred. You can only find out who has liked you by going through your most recent members list.   

Price and Plans

You may learn from a young age that nothing in life is free, but love is. And you can find love for free on Hinge! There are two membership levels on this dating app – free and preferred. Both give you access to potential new love interests, but with various features.

Free Hinge Membership

A free Hinge membership allows you to filter your matches by their gender, age, location, height, religion, ethnicity, and proximity to you. You are also allowed ten daily ‘likes’ you can send to your potential matches. Both preferred and free members have access to the same pool of people looking for love. 

Preferred Hinge Membership

A preferred hinge membership gives you access to all those free membership filters, but you can also choose if you want someone who: 

  • Has children or wants children
  • Has a political view
  • Drinks
  • Smokes
  • Dabbles in drug use

As a preferred member, you can also send out unlimited ‘likes’ to people who catch your eye. Hinge experts are also available to help you navigate the often-daunting world of online dating. 

The cost of a Hinge preferred membership can differ depending on how many months you would like to be a member. 

One month: $9.99

Three months: $19.99 ($6.66/month)

Six months: $29.99 ($4.99/month) 

Pros and Cons of Hinge

No dating app is perfect, just like no dating site is perfect, either. There are going to be things you love about Hinge, and things you hate. The beauty of a dating app, though, is that you are always welcome to share your views with the Hinge team. They may make changes in the future based on your feedback. 


  • You don’t have to swipe left or right
  • You can ‘like’ certain parts about a person’s profile
  • You can use this dating app for free, or pay a low monthly fee
  • It’s a better option for relationships than some other dating apps
  • You can change your location
  • Your matches and conversations don’t expire
  • You can download the app for free on Android and iOS


  • There are limits on daily likes with a free membership
  • There is a daily limit on matches with a free membership
  • You have limited filters
  • It brings up people who you have skipped in the past
  • You can’t see everyone who has liked you with a free membership
  • If your profile isn’t complete, you can’t send likes 


Hinge is an intensive dating app that is designed to help you find long-lasting love. The platform is seamless, clean, and easy to use, and you don’t have to spend a dime if you don’t want to. It’s also compatible with both iOS and Android devices, meaning no one has to miss out. 

If the time has come to enter the online dating world, then Hinge is an excellent option. Spend a bit of time creating that dazzling profile, then start looking for matches! 

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